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Once there was a planet called Teralon, in another galaxy. In the main city of Noxla, there was a scientist named Dr Charles Silane. He was head of the Cyborg Research Center (CRC) for the government of Teralon, and had worked there for almost 30 years.

 Dr Silane invented a new type of computer system that used silicon proteins. He used that invention to create 4 cyborgs. His first cyborg was named Captain Black, because the government mandated that the cyborgs be covered with a protective material made of Iron alloy. They wanted to use the new cyborgs for military purposes, and Iron was plentiful and cheap on Teralon, and was being mined by slaves only know to the government. This material was also used to make large space craft armed with nuclear weapons. The weapons were secret, and they used this iron alloy for the bomb's outer shell.

But Dr Silane didn’t like to use this Iron alloy. This material was based on old technology, and interfered with his newly designed computer circuits. Not only that - he hated the government's slavery program used to mine the mineral.

After Captain Black, he used Silicon materials for outer protection instead. This brought Dr Silane into disfavor with the government of Teralon - he didn't follow policies that he felt were counter-productive.

The tension between Dr Silane and the administration of Teralon continued to increase. Dr Silane was against all the work they were asking him to do for military applications, and soon found himself being monitored very closely by his superiors.

The next 3 cyborgs he created were named Jay, Mac, and Jac. They were made of  silicon proteins, and had computers that were of a new design. They didn't have normal hands or feet, but used a special type of fork design that used a force field to manipulate whatever they were handling. They didn't walk, but floated above the ground, and had a special material that could either be repelled or attracted by gravity. This was a new invention by Dr Silane, and he used these materials to build his own personal space ship, the Sonic.

The Sonic had two types of propulsion - thrust from engines that burned fuel, and Gravity Field Propulsion, which controlled the way his space craft responded to gravity. This system took advantage of the gravity of planets, and reduced greatly the amount of fuel needed to escape a planet's gravitational field. The Sonic also had the capability of locking into other ship's navigation and power systems, and could guide the flight paths and speed of up to 3 ships at once.

Jay was programmed to pilot the Sonic, Mac to run navigation, and Jac communications and maintenance. Jay was also programmed with Dr Silane's secrets, inventions, and other data files that weren't stored anywhere else. Jay could speak using either his own voice or the voice of Dr Silane.

Jay, Mac, and Jac were built in the same year, and did everything together. Jay was the first prototype of this new type of cyborg, and he had strange quirks because he was the first of his kind. Every so often his circuits would pop and flash - so others would make fun of him. His enemies called him "PopNjay," and PopNjay felt that he was a misfit.

For one thing, he didn't have hands or feet like humanoids. He asked Dr Silane on several occasions, "Why did you make the 3 of us like this?" But Dr Silane would only answer, "Someday you will understand."

The 3 of them were always clowning around and breaking things. They had powerful forces they could use to manipulate objects, and were known for picking up objects in the research facility where they were created and throwing them across the room. Dr Silane would often ask Jay to handle dangerous explosives or radioactive materials with his force-field "hands." He didn't actually touch objects - he simply moved them by a force that was projected to surround the objects.

But Jay, Mac, and Jac could not feel anything they touched - because they seldom actually touched anything, and because they had no nerve endings in their hands or feet.

Jay couldn't stand the way he was built after awhile - he envied humanoids who could touch and feel what they picked up. He had so many questions about the world around him, and was convinced that he would never know the answers because he couldn't actually make contact with the material universe like humanoids.

About three years after Jay, Mac, and Jack were built, Captain Black disappeared. He stole a top-secret military space ship from Dr Silane’s research facility, along with top-secret data files from their computer. This ship was dangerous, because it could be armed with nuclear warheads, and had top-secret weapons.

Part 2  12-8-12

The government of Teralon issued a warrant for the arrest of Dr Silane. They were looking for the stolen military space ship, and were convinced that Dr Silane had programmed Captain Black to steal it and disappear. Dr Silane could not convince them that he was innocent, and he was forced to run for his life. He was charged with high treason against the government of Teralon, and an order was issued for his immediate execution.

Dr Silane and Captain Black were gone, and no one could find them. The other 3 cyborgs, Jay, Mac, and Jac were confronted by an Interrobot from the police department of the government. But they escaped just in time, and took Dr Silane's personal ship, the Sonic, and became fugitives on the planet of Teralon.

Dr Domain was the chief of police on Teralon, and was also a cyborg. One of his top priorities was to apprehend Jay, Mac, and Jac. He flew around the planet in his gold cruiser looking for them. The police believed that if they could find these 3 cyborgs, that they would give them the information they needed to find Captain Black and Dr Silane.

There was an endless chase - Dr Domain constantly going after Jay, Mac, and Jac in the Sonic.

But unknown to Dr Domain, a top official of the government of Teralon was actually conspiring with Captain Black in a plot to take over Teralon. He had regular communications with Captain Black over a secure link. Dr Silane was being framed for the disappearance of Captain Black and the missing military space ship.

Captain Black was in orbit around Teralon, and his whereabouts were top secret. Teralon's Chief Control Officer hated Dr Silane and the governing board of Teralon. He was working in collusion with Captain Black to either take over the planet and form a military dictatorship or destroy the planet completely if he could not have his way.

The Chief Control Officer of Teralon was also a cyborg, and hated humanoids. His name was Jinsay Spike. His new government was to be named after him, and his last name was to become a new acronym for the agenda of his rule. "Spike" would stand for "SUPREME POLICIES & INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE OF EVERYONE."  S.P.I.K.E. would become a name that would be feared by the entire planetary system, and would become an empire that would spread throughout the galaxy.

In the meantime, Dr Silane had found another ship in his research facility and flown through a secret space-time portal that he had been building in the outer regions of the Teralon planetary system.

When a warrant was issued for his arrest and execution, he escaped through this portal and went to another galaxy.
Dr Silane started building this portal secretly when the government of Teralon began to force him to work on military projects all the time. Dr Silane could not convince anyone that the end result of all these projects would be the complete destruction of all humanoid life on the planet.

Along with this portal, Dr Silane built a hidden archive of all the art, history, science, and technology of Teralon. He hid this facility on the planet of Teralon, and hid the information on how to find it inside of Jay's memory banks. Once the facility was located using the information inside of Jay's circuits, Jay would have the key to converting this facility into a drone space ship.

 His plan was for Jay, Mac, & Jac to link the navigation and power systems of the Sonic to this archive facility and take everything through his space-time portal to another galaxy. Dr Silane could see the end coming; he knew there was a plot to take over the government, but he didn't know who was behind it.

Dr Silane's hope was that they could find a new planet, in a new galaxy, and escape the hostile environment of Teralon. His dream was to establish a new civilization that would use his breakthrough inventions for peaceful purposes.

He found a new planet, and began building a new city with the droids and materials that were in his ship.