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This is Dr Domain under normal circumstances...


This is Dr Domain when he gets really mad!

Dr Domain is the Chief of Police on the planet Teralon. This planet has been devastated by nuclear wars, but he is still dedicated to his job. The government of Teralon has issued warrants for the arrest of Dr Silane, Jay, Mac, and Jac, and Dr Silane is forever chasing them. Dr Silane has long been gone from the planet. But Dr Domain keeps trying to find him and his 3 “notorious” cyborgs to arrest them.

In a confrontation on Teralon, Dr Domain’s ship is taken over by the 3 cyborgs using the sophisticated systems on their own ship, the Sonic. The Sonic has the capability of taking control of up to 3 other ships at a time. The Sonic, another ship called the “Legacy,” and Dr Domain and his space ship are forced to travel to a space-time portal and then to Dr Silane’s new home, the planet Terra Lumina.

From there, Dr Domain ends up running away and flying to Earth in his own ship. He meets up with Kevin James Benedict, or "KJ," an opportunist who leads Dr Domain on a wild ride through wall street. KJ's company promises to take the wealthy of the world to a new planet he has named "Paradise." But it all leads to a huge confrontation between "KJ" and Dr Domain when Dr Domain discovers the true nature of their conspiracy. KJ and his military friends plan to start a nuclear war on Earth. PopNjay and his friends, the military, and the media are all entangled in this surprise ending.


The Legacy space ship (which carries the archive of all the science, music, art, and history of Teralon in a huge data base on board). The contents of the ship were hidden until Jay, Mac, and Jac found clues to their location. Once the 3 cyborgs found the archive, PopNjay began the process of converting the archive into a space ship. At that moment, Dr Domain caught up with them. He tried to arrest them, but in the process was taken captive in his own ship and taken to Terra Lumina, the new home of Dr Silane.


Dr Domain’s police cruiser is on the left, the Legacy is in the center, and the Sonic is on the right.