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When a warrant was issued for his arrest and execution, Dr. Silane  escaped through a space - time  portal and went to another galaxy.

Dr Silane started building this portal secretly when the government of Teralon began to force him to work on military projects all the time. Dr Silane could not convince anyone that the end result of all these projects would be the complete destruction of all humanoid life on the planet.

Along with this portal, Dr Silane built a hidden archive of all the art, history, science, and technology of Teralon. He hid this facility on the planet of Teralon, and hid the information on how to find it inside of Jay's memory banks. Once the facility was located using the information inside of Jay's circuits, Jay would have the key to converting this facility into a drone space ship.

 His plan was for Jay, Mac, & Jac to link the navigation and power systems of the Sonic to this archive facility and take everything through his space-time portal to another galaxy. Dr Silane could see the end coming; he knew there was a plot to take over the government, but he didn't know who was behind it.

Dr Silane's hope was that they could find a new planet, in a new galaxy, and escape the hostile environment of Teralon. His dream was to establish a new civilization that would use his breakthrough inventions for peaceful purposes.

He found a new planet, and began building a new city with the droids and materials that were in his ship.

Dr. Domain, the Chief of Police on the planet Teralon, confronted Jay, Mac, and Jac as they were converting the archive into a ship called the “Legacy.” The 3 cyborgs end up taking Dr Domain and his police cruiser space ship with them by force. They all end up going through a space-time portal to Dr Silane’s new home planet of Terra Lumina.


On the way to the space-time portal, the 3 ships barely escape Teralon as it is destroyed by the SPIKE Command ships. Jinsay Spike (the leader of SPIKE Command) and Captain Black follow the Sonic, the Legacy, and Dr Domain’s ship to the portal with the intent of destroying the 3 escaping ships as soon as the portal is within range for SPIKE Command ships to use. But things don’t always turn out as planned!