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"Glass Dawn" is the story of Jay, Mac, and Jac - and their creator, Dr Charles Silane. They live in the city of Noxla, on a planet called Teralon. A military government called "SPIKE Command" is slowly taking control of the Teralon Republic. Jinsay Spike, the leader of the military regime, plans to take over Teralon with the help of a cyborg named Captain Black. Their ultimate aim is to take control of Teralon, deplete all of it's resources for themselves, and destroy the planet via nuclear war. Then they will leave and do the same thing to other planets.

Dr Silane has worked for the Teralon government for 25 years as the Chief of New Technology. He originally designed and built Captain Black, as well as Jay, Mac, and Jac. But Captain Black disappeared, and stole a military space ship designed by Dr Silane. No one can find Captain Black or the missing space ship.

Jinsay Spike has led the officials of the Teralon government to believe that Dr Silane is taking part in a rebellion. Dr Silane has been charged with treason, and is being sought by the Teralon Police.

The military government is named after Jinsay Spike. The letters  "S-P-I-K-E" stand for "SUPREME POLICIES & INTEGRATED KNOWLEDGE of EVERYONE."

All services to everyone on the planet of Teralon are being centralized under SPIKE Command. Everything people do and say is highly regulated and monitored.