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Glass Dawn - The Adventures of PopNjay - Pronunciation guide and Brief Description of Story

Dr Silane is pronounced "Si' - Lane" with a short "i," as used in the word (window) "sill." "Teralon" is pronounced "Tear' - uh - lawn" & "Domain" is pronounced "Dough - Main'" -  "Jeena" is pronounced "Jean' - uh" - "Jinsay" is pronounced "Gin' - Say (Gin, like the alcoholic drink, "Gin & Tonic)." 

There are 3 main themes in the story:

1. The disabilities of the main characters (Jay, Mac, and Jac) are a source of discouragement for these 3 characters, but in the end their disabilities end up helping them to save the Earth from nuclear war.

2. The struggles that Dr Silane goes through as he loses his home, his family, and the planet he once lived on, as well as being framed by the government he worked for.

3. The still-present threat of nuclear war and the mis-management of Earth’s resources.

Short Description 1
"Glass Dawn" is the story of Jay, Mac, and Jac - and their creator, Dr Charles Silane. In some ways the story is serious, and in other ways kind of like the 3 stooges or Alvin and the chipmunks. They are always on the run from Dr Domain, the chief of police on the planet Teralon. Teralon is being destroyed by nuclear wars, but Dr Domain is still driven to maintain law and order in a society that is virtually gone. Dr Domain is a cyborg, but by the end of the story he seems to be more human than machine.

Short Description 2
Dr Silane lives on this planet called Teralon, and he creates this cyborg named Jay, but he has a strange quirk. At random times, he starts popping,   crackling and flashing from electrical problems in his computer circuits. So people start calling him "PopNjay" and the name sticks. They leave their planet and come to Earth, and end up on the streets of Las Vegas, where they put on quite a show using their force fields and acrobatics.

Short Description 3
Jay, Mac, and Jac are always clowning around, but they are actually quite expert at piloting their space ship called the "Sonic." Jay is nick-named PopNjay, and he is the Captain. But all 3 are cyborgs, and they are trying to find navigation codes that will help them leave their doomed planet of Teralon and find their creator, Dr Charles Silane. They end up finding the codes in what looks like a red rose, and eventually meet up with Dr Silane where he has established a base of operation.

Short Description 4
Dr Silane ends up landing his ship on an island in the Caribbean, and forms a relationship with Jeena whom he met in Las Vegas. After a mysterious military attack on the island, Jeena turns out to be not someone you would want to have as your friend. Dr Silane and his cyborgs end up in a military prison, from which they eventually escape only to have a confrontation with very powerful government forces.

Short Description 5
Dr Domain ends up flying to Earth in his own ship. He meets up with Kevin James Benedict, or "KJ," an opportunist who leads Dr Domain on a wild ride through wall street. KJ's company promises to take the wealthy of the world to a new planet he has named "Paradise." But it all leads to a huge confrontation between "KJ" and Dr Domain when Dr Domain discovers the true nature of their conspiracy. KJ and his military friends plan to start a nuclear war on Earth. PopNjay and his friends, the military, and the media are all entangled in this surprise ending.

Short Description 6
Dr Silane has this huge network of smart probes scattered around the galaxy, and they are collecting information in his attempt to find habitable exoplanets. The data is gathered over a period of 25 years, and the results become part of his big announcement at the end of the story. This all ties together with the conspiracy of Kevin James Benedict, the battle with military leaders, and the final scene at the end of the story.

Short Description 7
PopNjay, Mac, and Jac have disabilities resulting from the way they were created by Dr Silane, and they express their dismay to Dr Silane who reassures them that there is a purpose for the way they were made. Their "disability" ends up being a great asset in the end, and helps to save the Earth from nuclear war.

Short Description 8
Dr Silane works for the government of Teralon, and is the head of their technology research organization. One of Dr Silane's cyborgs named Captain Black steals a powerful military space craft, and Dr Silane is under suspicion for taking part in this crime. Silane's resistance to the creation of a new government called SPIKE command places his life in jeopardy. The head of the new government, Jinsay Spike, as well as the renegade cyborg, Captain Black, are working in collusion to discredit Dr Silane and frame him for the destruction of Teralon by nuclear war. Dr Silane is forced to run for his life. He flies a ship through a space - time portal to safety and leaves behind the navigation codes necessary for his loyal cyborgs, Jay, Mac, and Jac, to escape as well. From there, they all end up on Earth where their troubles really begin. In a surprise ending, they play a major part in saving Earth from the same fate as their home planet of Teralon.